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About Us

Welcome To New Spring Integrative Medicine 

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is not! Americans are living longer, but are not necessarily healthier. We all want to be active and productive as long as possible. The good news is that our concept of aging is changing, and there are new medical approaches to living healthier as we age. Taking into account genetics, environmental influences, nutrition and lifestyle, hormonal balancing, digestive health, as well as minimizing markers of inflammation and oxidative stress are all vitally important to your overall health.

By combining both Functional Medicine and Age Management medicine, we can begin to bridge the gap between the traditional medical model and complimentary therapies. Functional Medicine and Age Management medicine both treat the whole person, and identifies the root cause of chronic diseases and symptoms of aging. It starts at the cellular level – healthy cells lead to healthier bodies. Finding the right balance is the ultimate goal. Take the first step towards a much happier and healthier life.

How We Differ

Don’t Let Nagging Health Problems Stop You From Enjoying The Life You Could Be Living!

At New Spring Integrative Medicine we understand that what’s happening in one part of your body and life can have a significant effect on all areas of your physical and mental health. That doesn’t mean that we don’t use traditional medical tests, therapies, and science…and we do much more than simply writing you a prescription for a particular diagnosis – we treat you as a whole person.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the problems that affect them – like sleepless nights, upset stomachs, loss of libido, or the feeling of “ not having enough energy to get through the day” – are simply part of the aging process and can’t be helped. What we often find, however, is that the root of these problems lies in a hormonal deficiency, undiagnosed illness, poor nutrition, and more. It is looking at cellular health and the underlying cause of your medical condition that is of critical importance. Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your vitality or zest for life.

How Is Our Practice Different From Standard Medical Practitioners?

New Spring Integrative Medicine combines the best of traditional medicine with complementary medicine. There can be a place for both types of medicine in advancing one’s health. Looking at all the factors in your life that influence your health and the use of natural and less invasive interventions is frequently used. Promoting health, preventing illness and treating disease are all part of the process. A great deal of time is spent one-on-one with the physician, with a minimum of ½ hour to 1 ½ hours for each visit. This is in contrast to traditional medical practices which are typically 8-10 minute appointments.

Together we examine comprehensive answers to complex issues. As a result a therapeutic relationship established between the practitioner and the patient, with the patient being an active partner. Extensive laboratory tests are ordered and reviewed, which go far beyond standardized testing and are essential in developing a customized treatment plan. Treatments include nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormone balancing, detoxification, managing lifestyle changes and stress management. These interventions are customized and unique to each individual because there are no two people who are the same; even with the same diagnosis. This truly is a paradigm shift in clinical practice.

How Do We Help You?

As part of New Spring’s consultative philosophy, we provide every prospective patient with a focused phone consultation to give you a better understanding of our approach and to determine if the program can benefit you. Dr. Deborah Sainer is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. She is currently a Fellow at Cenegenics, the largest Age Management Physician Group in the world; a member of the American Academy of anti-Aging Medicine and the Institute of Functional Medicine. We serve patients in the greater Denver Metro Area. More about Dr. Sainer

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Our Team

Deborah Sainer M.D.

Deborah Sainer M.D.

As an ER doc for 17 years, it took many years to recognize that despite helping people in their time of crisis, we were, in essence, putting band-aids on people's medical conditions. The ER became a revolving door, same situations, different faces, and return visits. I knew if we could educate the public, they could lead healthier lives and thereby make fewer ER visits. At the same time, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, an autoimmune thyroid condition, where the only treatment at that time was Synthroid. Despite years of Synthroid, I had very little clinical benefit.

As a patient and a doctor, I knew that there had to be a better way. Learning the benefits of bio-identical hormones was my first step in finding my way, leaving the ER behind. Using an integrative approach to patient care, I worked with patients for 8 years at the Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Center in Denver, focusing on increasing energy, sleep disorders, bio-identical hormone balancing, low thyroid, nutrition, digestive health and improving immune dysfunction.

In short, we helped these difficult patients get their life back. In retrospect, these patients were actually experiencing the early and extreme conditions of human aging. The medical approaches and treatments used for this population could help to slow or even reverse the same symptoms that we all experience as we get older.

I learned that we don't have to "just live with" these issues. Addressing the root cause of chronic disease, improving energy, changing lifestyle, lessening stress, and good nutrition can slow down the aging process and enhance your overall quality of life and health span. With this knowledge and my belief in a better way, I opened my own practice in Integrative Medicine several years ago. Combining the best of conventional medical therapies with alternative treatments provides people with the most cutting edge therapies available today.

Having a good doctor/patient relationship and providing education to my patients is key, and will help patients achieve the optimal health they deserve. Deborah Sainer M.D. is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. In addition, she has received certification in Age Management Medicine. Focusing on nutrition, exercise, stress management and bio-identical hormone replacement is their primary focus. Dr. Sainer is an active member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine as well as the Institute of Functional Medicine.



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