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Patient Testimonials

"I would like to thank Dr. Sainer for her help getting my health under control. I work in a very high stress job and no matter how many work outs I did I couldn't lose weight and my energy and levels were very low. Dr. Sainer was able through medication diet and lifestyle changes to help me lose weight gain energy and gain mental clarity. I am now working long hours and have enough energy to out play hockey and go to the gym. I am so happy I have participated in Dr. Sainer's program she has changed my life and helped me feel 20 years younger. I have learned that a high quality life at any age starts with good health."


"A year and a half ago I was not feeling well and knew something was wrong. With digestive problems, not sleeping well, sore muscles, and feeling down and more depressed than usual, I reached out to Dr. Sainer. A simple blood test revealed my levels of hormones were almost non-existant. It made so much sense to me to replace these wonderful bioidentical hormones back into my body. They are heaven-sent. I'm happy to report today that my levels are back in the normal range, and I'm feeling so much better. Dr. Sainer has the knowledge to help women to return to a more joyful and healthier life."

Barb B.

""Warm"; "Professional"; "Direct"; "Understanding"; "Approachable"; and "Relational." These are some of the words that I use to describe Dr. Sainer and her Integrative Medicine practice. A collabrative partner, both professionally and personally, to help you on your health and wellness journey. "

Karen A.

"I continue to see Dr. Sainer and view her as a valuable member of my health team. She extensively studies labs, most of which would never be ordered by my “traditional” PCP, and suggests treatments for each value, based on me, and not just on what is the “normal range.” Throughout the years, my issues, symptoms and stages of life continue to change and Dr. Sainer adjusts her approach accordingly."

Current Patient

"I appreciate that Dr. Sainer continues to study and learn about new information and approaches. When I go to see Dr. Sainer, it is like talking with a confidant. I never feel rushed, she sees each patient as a whole person, and she really hears what you are saying. Dr. Sainer has allowed me to live a much better life."

Jessica H.

"After 9 years of severe pain and serious digestive issues, I was desperate for help, so I decided to seek out a new doctor. Dr. Sainer’s credentials seemed perfect for me. In 10 months with Dr. Sainer, I have become basically pain free and have received unbelievable improvement in my digestive tract. I think I forgot how wonderful it is to feel good! Thanking God for you Dr. Sainer!"

Deb K.

"I am writing in enthusiastic support of Dr. Deborah Sainer and her medical practice. I have been seeing Dr Sainer for a year and a half and I am feeling the best I have felt in 10 years. I was having digestive issues and overall did not feel well. I was feeling tired and was not able to lose weight, no matter what I tried. She did an hour and half consultation with me and with her expertise on ordering and interperating my lab tests she was able to see that my thyroid was low, my adrenals were not working and my glucose was too high. Dr. Sainer recommended some prescriptions and supplements and within six months I was feeling better and had lost 40 pounds!

I would recommend Dr Sainer for her high caliber of medical knowledge, the time she will give at your appointments and her expertise of exactly what you, the individual, needs that sets her well above her peers."

Joyce M.

"I found Dr. Sainer several years ago. It was the middle of the night and my chronic pain made it impossible for me to sleep. The first time that I saw her, I felt like a weight had lifted. Dr. Sainer acknowledged and believed me when I told her about the extent of my pain, fatigue and several other symptoms. Not only did I feel supported, but she had a plan to allow me to become more functional again."

Current Patient