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Patient Testimonials

"Hi to you, About 4 years ago I was referred to Dr. Sainer by a friend. She had multiple medical conditions that Dr. Sainer sorted out and resolved. When I began with Dr. Sainer, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough strength to get through the first appointment and drive home. Today I hike, golf, ski and have full days of living.
She did regular blood tests and gave me new medications and supplements each quarter so my body wasn’t overwhelmed by the changes. She really focused on hormones and energy producing supplements.
Occasionally I still have problems and she is always on top of it, even helping resolve other problems I hadn’t realized."


I have been a patient of Dr. Sainer’s for about 10 years now and will continue to be a patient until she kicks me out. My personal journey began with a chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis about 25 years ago while living in a different state. Various medical providers along the way tried to help but could not. I finally found one specialist who understood the condition and knew what to do – then my husband’s employer transferred him to Colorado. My specialist knew Dr. Sainer and recommended I transfer treatment to her. I did. Dr. Sainer’s value shines in her deep knowledge of the conditions she treats and the way she ‘connects the dots’ to identify underlying issues that other doctors overlook. She attends many conferences each year to stay on the cutting edge in her field and customizes treatment plans to the individual’s needs so each can experience relief. Dr. Sainer is a valuable partner in my health care and I would be miserable (i.e., near disability) without her help. Under Dr. Sainer’s care, I returned to school to complete my business degree so I can finally secure a job that I enjoy. Plus, the drive to Evergreen is beautiful! It gives me time to unwind and I enjoy supporting the local businesses in downtown Evergreen when I’m there.

"I would like to thank Dr. Sainer for her help getting my health under control. I work in a very high stress job and no matter how many work outs I did I couldn't lose weight and my energy and levels were very low. Dr. Sainer was able through medication diet and lifestyle changes to help me lose weight gain energy and gain mental clarity. I am now working long hours and have enough energy to out play hockey and go to the gym. I am so happy I have participated in Dr. Sainer's program she has changed my life and helped me feel 20 years younger. I have learned that a high quality life at any age starts with good health."


"A year and a half ago I was not feeling well and knew something was wrong. With digestive problems, not sleeping well, sore muscles, and feeling down and more depressed than usual, I reached out to Dr. Sainer. A simple blood test revealed my levels of hormones were almost non-existant. It made so much sense to me to replace these wonderful bioidentical hormones back into my body. They are heaven-sent. I'm happy to report today that my levels are back in the normal range, and I'm feeling so much better. Dr. Sainer has the knowledge to help women to return to a more joyful and healthier life."

Barb B.

""Warm"; "Professional"; "Direct"; "Understanding"; "Approachable"; and "Relational." These are some of the words that I use to describe Dr. Sainer and her Integrative Medicine practice. A collabrative partner, both professionally and personally, to help you on your health and wellness journey. "

Karen A.

"I continue to see Dr. Sainer and view her as a valuable member of my health team. She extensively studies labs, most of which would never be ordered by my “traditional” PCP, and suggests treatments for each value, based on me, and not just on what is the “normal range.” Throughout the years, my issues, symptoms and stages of life continue to change and Dr. Sainer adjusts her approach accordingly."

Current Patient

"I appreciate that Dr. Sainer continues to study and learn about new information and approaches. When I go to see Dr. Sainer, it is like talking with a confidant. I never feel rushed, she sees each patient as a whole person, and she really hears what you are saying. Dr. Sainer has allowed me to live a much better life."

Jessica H.

"After 9 years of severe pain and serious digestive issues, I was desperate for help, so I decided to seek out a new doctor. Dr. Sainer’s credentials seemed perfect for me. In 10 months with Dr. Sainer, I have become basically pain free and have received unbelievable improvement in my digestive tract. I think I forgot how wonderful it is to feel good! Thanking God for you Dr. Sainer!"

Deb K.

"I am writing in enthusiastic support of Dr. Deborah Sainer and her medical practice. I have been seeing Dr Sainer for a year and a half and I am feeling the best I have felt in 10 years. I was having digestive issues and overall did not feel well. I was feeling tired and was not able to lose weight, no matter what I tried. She did an hour and half consultation with me and with her expertise on ordering and interperating my lab tests she was able to see that my thyroid was low, my adrenals were not working and my glucose was too high. Dr. Sainer recommended some prescriptions and supplements and within six months I was feeling better and had lost 40 pounds!

I would recommend Dr Sainer for her high caliber of medical knowledge, the time she will give at your appointments and her expertise of exactly what you, the individual, needs that sets her well above her peers."

Joyce M.

"I found Dr. Sainer several years ago. It was the middle of the night and my chronic pain made it impossible for me to sleep. The first time that I saw her, I felt like a weight had lifted. Dr. Sainer acknowledged and believed me when I told her about the extent of my pain, fatigue and several other symptoms. Not only did I feel supported, but she had a plan to allow me to become more functional again."

Current Patient

"Dr Sainer has been fantastic! The big picture approach to complete well being has been life changing for me. I have the confidence she will listen, connect the analytical dots and dig to solve the problem. My health has done a 18O degree turn for the positive and plus she is just super down to earth :)"

Current Patient

"I found Dr. Sainer several years ago. It was the middle of the night and my chronic pain made it impossible for me to sleep. The first time that I saw her, I felt like a weight had lifted. Dr. Sainer acknowledged and believed me when I told her about the extent of my pain, fatigue and several other symptoms. Not only did I feel supported, but she had a plan to allow me to become more functional again."

Shane K.

"When my other doctor told me my blood results were 'normal' I knew there had to be more. I didn’t feel normal. And I didn’t want to believe it was aging. Dr. Sainer listened to me, and found more. For me, it wasn’t just one measure. It’s about how it all works together. It’s made a big difference. "

Current Patient

"I have gone to a lot of doctors, I have a thyroid problem and I was having hormone issues nobody could ever seem to get it right I was pretty frustrated a friend of mine recommended Dr. Sainer And today I can tell you I am so glad she did because I’ve been going to Dr. Sainer for probably four years and for the first time in a long I feel Great when I started going to her.And on top of that when I go in there and see her she’s not just my doctor she’s my friend. I highly recommend her."

Amy L.

"I have been a patient of Dr Sainer for 15 years. I was experiencing chronic fatigue, overall physical and mental distress and couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so poorly. I had a relatively healthy lifestyle and didn’t have any extenuating conditions like overweight or chronic disease.

I also was trying to balance the multiple medications I was prescribed by my cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist and primary care physician. Each had prescribed drugs for their specific discipline without any consideration or coordination for potential negative interactions. I also was a thyroid cancer survivor and postmenopausal which added another dimension to my care.

Dr. Sainer’s integrative approach proved to be key in improving my wellbeing. She helped me understand the implications of taking the various medication prescribed, the high inflammatory factors of my body and gut issues which contributed to my feeling crappy all the time.

She addressed each of my contributing factors and coordinated treatment to reduce the inflammation and improve my gut health. As these things improved so did my physical aches, brain fog and fatigue. I have enjoyed this new well being for a number of years.

Dr. Sainer continues to monitor and adjust treatment when needed. My biggest comfort is knowing if I experience any negative health issues Dr. Sainer will get to the root of it and care for me accordingly. "

Current Patient

"Invest in your health. I go to doctors rarely. Maybe I have a sore throat, a sinus infection, or need a referral for something else. But, I hardly ever go. With Dr. Sainer, I get my blood checked regularly, have one hour visits to discuss my entire health, and receive supplements and prescriptions to manage my hormones. It’s an investment that is helping me stay healthy. With a thyroid problem, it takes a lot to get off the roller coaster of meds while still having symptoms. It’s a work in progress, and I'm glad I’m on board with Dr. Sainer."

Current Patient

"When I hit my mid-thirties, I started feeling tired, lethargic, and just generally not myself. Granted some of this was attributable to our growing family, but overall I just didn’t feel like I had the physical stamina or mental clarity that I had in my twenties. I was fortunate to find Dr. Deb through a family member. At our first consultation, she explained to me how important it is for our bodies to be balanced from a hormonal perspective. Afterward, she had me complete a series of lab tests that showed just how out of balance I actually was, and I was honestly kind of shocked. This began a personal journey to become healthier. Over the last several years, we have worked together to improve my physical fitness, weight, eating habits, and hormonal balance. I can honestly say that this has made a profoundly positive impact in my personal, professional, and family life. I love that Deb uses a researched based approach to validate that I’m making progress, and she’s not shy about showing some tough love to keep me moving in the right direction. I still have some work to do to achieve my personal health goals, but I’ve come to look at my health as a lifelong journey with Dr. Deb as my coach, and I feel like I have the best coach in the business. Thanks for having my back Deb."

Luke G.

"After several years of suffering from early menopausal symptoms and seeking medical care from two prior providers in two different states, I was thrilled to discover Dr. Sainer at New Spring Integrative Medicine when I moved to Colorado. Dr. Sainer is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and board certified in three medicine disciplines, and what I especially appreciate about her practice style is her attention to detail, her thorough clinical routine and review of my frequent labs and responses to medications and supplements, and her ability to really listen to what I tell her. I also trust her guidance regarding the various bio-identical options and supplements she has tried me on through the years. She is always dedicated to a satisfactory outcome for me and has been very understanding and encouraging when I was hesitant to try various treatment options. Today after being Dr. Sainer's patient for almost six years, I feel great! I have energy; I sleep better; I've lost almost 25 pounds; I'm very active for my age, and my quality of life is so much better. Dr. Sainer has successfully diagnosed and treated my hormonal issues, and she continues to be a true partner in my medical care. I am forever grateful and would recommend her practice to anyone who is in need of her professional expertise. Thank you for everything, Dr. Sainer! "

Melinda S.