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Nutritional Testing & Supplementation

Benefits of Nutrition Testing and High Quality Supplements

Nutrition Response Testing Denver CO

There has been an explosion of information in the past 15-20 years in the field of nutrition which is the cornerstone to health and vitality. Over the years, the quality and nutritional value of our food has been significantly compromised. Genetic modified foods, pesticides, herbicides and hormones all have had a significant negative impact. We are finally recognizing the benefits of proper nutrition in the prevention of chronic illness and the maintenance of good health. Identifying key nutritional deficiencies i.e. vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, along with proper supplementation is critical in optimizing one’s health.

Diagnostic Testing


Detects food intolerance’s as opposed to food allergies i.e. peanut and shellfish allergies. Food intolerance’s are much more common than food allergies, and are characterized by digestive issues, fatigue, migraines, obesity, achy joints, autoimmune conditions, weight gain and depression. Upwards of 70-80% of the U.S. population have food intolerance’s, yet never detected.

Nutrition Response Testing Denver CO

Most doctors will treat the symptoms of the chronic disease, but not the underlying cause of their condition. Eliminating the foods which you are reactive to, can change your energy level, digestive health, immune health, autoimmunity and cognitive functioning. See www.alcat.com.


A complete nutritional assessment looking at 5 key areas: antioxidant levels, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids levels. This helps to evaluate digestive function, cellular energy production which would include the need for specific vitamin and mineral supplementation, and neurotransmitter production which affects mood, behavior, depression and anxiety

Why Are Nutritional Supplements Important?

Nutritional gaps exist in everyone’s diet, and the good news is that nutritional supplementation does a great job in filling the gaps, but does not replace a healthy diet. Not all nutritional supplements are created equal, and quality may differ from one manufacturer to another. Many of the over the counter supplements follow minimum standards of the FDA, and often times have not have been researched and tested. Being an informed consumer is vital. At New Spring Integrative Medicine we use pharmaceutical grade supplements which provide the highest level of quality on the market today. This will help provide you with crucial nutrients your body needs for disease prevention and optimal health.

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